how to get fully approved google adsense account

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how to get fully approved google adsense account

how to get fully approved google adsense account

Introduction :

Hello, friends welcome to a new article of mobile tips today I will tell you how to get fully approved google adsense account quickly this is my personal experience so if I will wrong somewhere then please forgive me.
I got my first AdSense approval within 51 days, some people will think this is not quickly and I agree with it because I have worked very slowly on my site. my site which is on blogspot. and the same site where you are reading this article now.

I had created this blog/site before 51 days .and trust me I had a 0 % knowledge about blogging and websites at that time. I learned many things from YouTube and Google about blogging and websites. And the things which I learned I applied it on my blog.

Every day I learned a thing and applied it to the blog, and before today I had applied twice for google adsense approval But Google had rejected it.

so read the post till the end and you will get your question answer how to get fully approved google adsense account

Steps to follow for getting fully approved google adsense account

1. buy top-level domain examples like that.

2. make a blog website with WordPress or Blogspot, I recommended you to choose blogspot because it’s free and easy to understand for beginners.

3. use custom templates, don’t go for the paid templates use a free version but if you don’t have a money problem then you can go with a paid blogger templates.

4. create disclaimer, about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms & conditions and sitemap pages for your blogger.

5. write 15-20 unique post with more than 300 words. and create different labels in the blog. and don’t do copy past work write your own article And must use a minimum one image in each post.

6. use google search console and submit sitemaps there.

7. And make sure your post has been indexed into Google, if you write 20 posts, then confirm that your minimum 15 posts are indexed in Google.

8. Create 2-3 backlinks.

9. Create Email subscription options with Feedburner.

10. Ones you did all the above things then apply for google adsense you will definitely get approval.

When I applied for google adsense, I had written 22 posts, 7 in English language and rest of in Hindi and, within it my 19 posts were an index in google, I created 3 backlinks, I had 1417 total all-time pageviews on my sites and then I applied for adsense and my adsense request was approved and I get fully approved google adsense account.


follow all the above steps and then apply for adsense you will definitely get approval from adsense  and don’t copy any one’s article, write your own post follow all the google adsense policy and don’t write an article on prohibited content, if you write articles on prohibited content you will never get adsense approval (Click here to know which is prohibited content by adsense
And once you get approval from Adsense, it does not mean that you will earn a lot of money with it, you need to work hard and after a few months you will start earning well from Adsense

Thank you! 😎