How much RAM do we need in smartphones

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Hello friends, in this article, I will tell you How much RAM do we need in smartphones. In the last few years, the smartphone industry has grown very fast and because of the high demand and competition every smartphone companies offer high RAM and high storage device to the consumer

and people get confused about which phone to buy, how much RAM they need and lots of similar question like this so in this article I will try to explain you how much RAM do you need actually.

Confusion about RAM

  • More RAM high mobile speed
  • RAM increase mobile phones speed

people think like,if they using smartphones with high RAM then there mobile phone will be more smart and speedy, but this is totally a wrong concept.

RAM does not increase mobile phone speed, in short, RAM is useful for using multiple application at once.if your smartphone have high RAM then you can use multiple application and games together

How much RAM do you need

You can use multiples app and games together if you have a high RAM device, for example, you can play PUBG use WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail together without any loading if your smartphone has high RAM

If you uses lots of application together then you need smartphones with high RAM ,and if you uses only one or two apps and games together then you can go with smartphone with average RAM

How much RAM need for the playing games like Pubg

How much RAM need for the playing games like Pubg

You can play a game like PUBG even in 2Gb RAM device but if you minimize the game and open any other app and then again you open PUBG from the recent app then your game again gets load and start from starting, this is the big disadvantage of using low RAM devices.

If you want my opinion then smartphones with 3 to 4 Gb RAM is enough for the smoothly playing games like PUBG. the games like PUBG consumes 1Gb of RAM approximately

If you just buying smartphone for gaming then i suggest you go with smartphone who has 4GB of RAM you will get smooth game experience with 4GB RAM device

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