kinemaster app video editing tutorial part 1 video trimming

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Kinemaster video trimming

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Hello friends, in this article we will talk about some video editing tutorials and tips and tricks about the kinemaster video editing app, if you don’t know its basic feature then don’t forget to read kinemaster video editor app all basic knowledge and tricks and tips. In this article, we only talk about how to trim video in kinemaster app.

Kinemaster app video editing tutorial basic

Firstly select a media file which you want to edit in the kinemaster app, for the selecting media file you need to tap on media button and select media file which you want to edit, now think what you want to edit in this video and then start editing process according to your need.

How to trim video in the kinemaster app

Click on the video or image which you have selected for editing, then come to the point from where you want to trim the video, then click on the scissors icon there, once you click you will get more four options there which is given below.
  • Trim to the left to playhead
  • Trim to right of playhead
  • split at playhead
  • extract audio

Trim to the left to playhead

This option is for trim video from left to your selected point, means all right side part of the video gets deleted.

Trim to right of playhead

This option is just the opposite of the above option if you want to delete the left side part from your selected trimming point then you can use this option.

Split at playhead

This option is for the split the video if you want to move end part of the video at the beginning and any middle part or any part of the video in somewhere else point then you can do this with this option Example:- suppose you split the video in three-part and you want middle part at the end and end part at the begging then hold on the part whose position you want to move and then drag your finger towards that point for the moving that part position.

Extract audio

This option is for extracting audio from the selected video if you want an only audio part from that video then you can use this option for extracting audio file from that video This option we use for changing the audio file from the video, and if we split the video into some parts then audio cant get a match with video then this option helps us for the matching audio. If you have any questions about video trimming in kinemaster then comment down below I will try my best to solve your problems Thank you

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