Sensors in Samsung galaxy m10 and m20

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Samsung has recently launched its brand new Samsung galaxy m10 and m20 smartphone, you will get all information about these devices on the internet but no one will talk about the sensors which are available in Samsung galaxy m10 and m20 devices so in this article you will get all information about the sensors which are in Samsung m10 and m20

Sensors in Samsung galaxy m10 and m20

There are four sensors in samsung galaxy m20 and  three sensors in samsung galaxy m10

  1. Fingerprint sensor ( only in m20)
  2. Light sensor
  3. Proximity sensor
  4. Accelerometer

Fingerprint sensor

We all know fingerprint sensor and its uses,basically this sensor help to read our fingerprint,this sensor is important for the protecting our smartphones with fingerprint lock

Light sensor

The light sensor adjusts the brightness of your display according to the external environment, this sensor helpful for the auto adjusting brightness level.

Proximity sensor

the proximity sensor detects changes in the distance between objects and your phone. like it allows the screen of your smartphone to timeout during a call because the phone is placed next to your ear, this sensor uses light to detect whether some object is near your device or not, and this sensor available near your front camera in lots of devices.


This sensor detects your smartphone holding position, for example when you enable auto to rotate feature in your smartphone then the device will automatically rotate when you change its position these all types of work done through the accelerometer sensor,this sensor is very usefull when you plays motion games in your smartphones

These are the four sensor which available in samsung galaxy m10 and m20

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