how to reveal password behind asterisk chrome

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View Hidden Passwords Behind Asterisks in Chrome

how to reveal password behind asterisk chrome


Hello, friends in today’s article I will tell you about how to reveal password behind asterisk chrome means how to read dotted (****) password in chrome.

chrome and many browsers save your password, but they save in the form of (****) this. Sometimes we forget our password but we don’t care about it because we know that chrome has saved our password.
but the problem comes when we need to log in with another computer or browser and If we do not know the password now then we have to reset the password from recovery option.

but don’t reset password quickly, follow my steps to know what password behind asterisk or dot

The first method to reveal password behind asterisk chrome

1. open chrome browser and go into the setting of chrome browser.

2. select password option from it.

3. where you will find all the password with the website name which saved in chrome.

4. but the password will be in this (****) format. In the front of all passwords, you will find something like eye symbol, click on that symbol and they ask you to enter your desktop or laptop password, enter it and then your password will be in text format.

The second method to reveal password behind asterisk chrome

See Passwords Behind Asterisk in Google Chrome

Open any website where you have your password saved, and you want to know it. means if you want to know the password from facebook then open facebook website in chrome and select the password then right click on it then select the Inspect option from the menu 

When you click on Inspect option then HTML editor will open 

Once HTML editor will open then look for input type = “password” field and change “password” to “text” and press Enter to save, like below image

all done, close the HTML editor and now you can see the password will show in text form.

Thank you ! 😉