why not repair your smartphone at a local store

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hello friends, welcome to a new article of mobile tips today I will tell you the reasons why not repair your smartphones at a local store.i have a quite knowledge about mobile phone repairing and I share this with you in this article.so read this article carefully and I will also tell why not repair your smartphone at a local store.

why not repair your smartphone at a local store

Check this guideline before giving your smartphone at a local store for repairing

1. Ask him for his  work experience
2. Check where he certified or not
3. Ask him in details about what he will do to repair your smartphone.
4. If he says we need to change the ic of the phone then ask him which IC what problem in this IC and ask her for giving your old IC which he replaces 
5. If he gives you all the information and you get satisfied with this then only give your smartphone to the local store for repairing

If you have this types of problem in your smartphone then only give your smartphone at a local store for repairing

1. Hanging Problem of the mobile phone:- 

They usually flash your smartphone with software and you can do it with your laptop and pc also at home I already wrote the article on how to flash your android smartphone with pc, click here and you will redirect to that page.
2. Mic, Ringer, vibrator problems:-

If your phone  Mic, Ringer, vibrator had any problems then you can repair this at a local store because they only open your mobile phone and replace that component with a new one, and they only use a screwdriver and tweezers because in all new smartphones Mic, Ringer, a vibrator is a connected to the motherboard with the strips and they don’t need any machines to fix it. even you can do it at your home also but you need some tools for it like screwdriver and tweezers.but keep in mind they all are using a duplicate or local type of components.

This is some basic problem which you all face in your smartphone and we can repair it at home also.

If you have the following problems then repair your smartphone at the authorized service center

1. Display Problems :

because in the service center you can get an original display and for fixing display or replacing display you need a proper machinery for that work.so I suggest you if you have a display problem then repair it at an authorized service center only. In the local store, they use the same machinery for all devices and if they don’t know how to use it properly then there is no chance that your phone gets a repair at all.

2. Charging base problem :

If your smartphone is facing charging issues then go to authorized service center and repair it, because in a local store they use a low-quality charger base and it gets quickly spoiled again.

3. water damage phone, heating problems, dead phones:

If you face any critical issues like above then only go to the authorized service center and repair your smartphone.

In a local store, many times they only open your mobile phone clean it with liquid and dry it with hot air gun if problems get fixed they ok.but if not then they said you your phone IC has a problem we need to change it and they say they need 3-4  days to fix it. then they give your smartphone to a person who has a certified and well experiences in this field, and that person’s fix your smartphone problem but sometimes he also get failed to fix the problem and your phones go in very bad situation which not get fix at all and then they say you your phones have a motherboard issues and we need to change the motherboard of your smartphone,but we are not found the motherboard of this phone, so we need some more time, or they say you much extra amount for repairing, And then we stop there.

Why authorized service center charges high

1. They have a professional and well experienced mobile technician.
2. They use original parts and proper machinery.
3. Guarantee for repair.
4. They take responsibility for any damage made by them.

How to fix hanging problem in an Android smartphone at home click here to know.

How to fix Mic, Ringer, Receiver problems:

If your smartphones have a Mic, ringer, receiver problems then you can fix it at your home but for this, you need some tools like screwdrivers sets and tweezers if you already have that tools then ok but if you don’t have then click here and buy it from Flipkart.

Once you buy toolkit then open your mobile phone properly with proper screwdrivers once you open then locate your smartphone’s mic, ringer and receiver if you can’t identify which is mic and ringer then simply search on google with your smartphones name, like Lenovo k3 phone ringer location and you will find it.

Once you locate it then simply remove it with the help of tweezers, first remove strip if available then try to pool it out, if you don’t know how to do it then go on youtube and search for the video and you will find the tutorial video about it.

Once you remove that part go to mobile repairing accessories store and buy that part from them, usually, if you buy a 1 part then they charge you near 50 Rs and if you buy a 4 part together you will get it in near 60-80 Rs.

and when you go to that store for buying components make sure you keep your mobile phone with you and check that component at the same time.

But if you scared to open your smartphone then don’t try to do it at home, and if your smartphones still in a guarantee-warranty period then don’t open it at home and any local store because if you open your phone then warranty-guarantee gets laps.

So if you still have any questions and confusions, then comment below I will try my best to solve your query and try to solve your confusion.

Thank you!