Is it safe to use facebook auto liker

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Facebook auto liker

Is it safe to use facebook auto liker

Introduction : 

hello, friends welcome to a new article of mobile tips today I will try to explain you about How facebook auto liker works and Is it safe to use facebook auto liker. In the past, I used one application which gave me lots of auto likes on a Facebook post and profile picture. but currently, I am not using that application because of it’s not safe for our privacy. read the full article to know why this is not safe for use.

How facebook auto liker works and IS it safe to use 

When you use an application or any website to get Facebook Auto Like, that application or website firstly they ask you to log in with your Facebook account.
and When you log into that application or website from your Facebook account, then at that time it would have saved your password.

In that type of applications, you will definitely get Auto likes, but they like some others people photos or posts from your account because they have your passwords.

in the simple word, you will get likes for likes, But you would not know which pictures are being liked from your account Sometimes the photos can be normal. but sometimes it can be erotic photos. and it’s dame true because it has happened to me also.

In Facebook, everyone knows which photos or posts their friends are liking, and if auto liker app or websites will like some erotic photos from your account then you will get in the problem because our family member is also using Facebook now, and they will get know about which photos you are liking.


Don’t use any application and website which gave you auto facebook like because it’s not good for our privacy and sometimes your Facebook account may also be disabled.

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