Mobile phone buying tips

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Mobile phone buying tips

Mobile phone buying tips


Hello friends, welcome back to the new article on mobile tips today I will tell you some tips and guidelines for buying a mobile phone if you follow this tips and guidelines you will definitely buy the best phone so keep reading this article till the end.

10 tips for buying Mobile phone

1. Fixed your buying budget

If you want to a buy a mobile phone then firstly fixed your budget range, like 10k to 15k like this because budget range will help for searching phones which will help you to find your best phone.

2. What’re your needs with a mobile phone

Once you fix your buying budget then you will need to think about what type of mobile phone do you want and for what works.for example some people buy a mobile phone for gaming purpose, and some people buy for selfies some people buy phones for editing videos and for other multitask works so make sure you clear about your needs for buying a mobile phone.

3. Search for phone

Once you do all the above things, then search on google for mobile phones, for example, if you want to buy a phone for gaming then search on google for the best gaming phone and you will see there are lots of mobile phones available so select phones which you like and make a comparison of them, watch that phones review video on youtube, check rating of that phone and then select phone which is satisfied all your needs and then buy it

4. Check phone processor

Once you find some phones which full fill your need then check their processor, the phone which has the latest processor is worth for buy if you are buying a phone for multitasking like gaming, video editing, live streaming then you need a phone which has a high-end processor like Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821, latest Snapdragon processor is 850. and if you buy a phone for normal use like capturing photos watching youtube video then you can go with the MediaTek processors phones.

5. Check Display size and resolution

before buying a mobile phone check display resolution, 1920×1080 pixels is the HD display resolution but again it’s quality depends on screen size, if you use a phone for video editing, watching movies, stream videos then I consider you to buy a smartphone which displays size is 5.5-inch to 6 inches with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels

6. Check Camera

High Mega Pixel camera does not mean your camera quality is best sometimes the 12Mp camera capture better photos then the 16Mp camera because lots of things matter for camera quality like aperture, ISO levels, autofocus and more so check phone camera and its features before buying phones.

7. Battery

If you are a heavy user of the smartphone means if you do lots of multitasking work with your smartphone then will need a minimum battery of 3500mAh and more and if you are an average and light user then you can go with the smartphone having 3000mAhbattery.

8. Storage

If you want to use lots of apps then you will need to buy a smartphone having 64Gb or 128 Gb internal storage because of phones operating system and app data uses big parts from the internal storage memory and if you use less app then there is no problem for going with a smartphone having 16GB to 32GB storage.

9. Security feature

Buy smartphone which has latest security feature in it like a fingerprint, face unlock and much more but again it depends on your needs for buy and budget range.

10. Build Quality 

Check build quality of the phone, check back panel quality its material which glass they use for display like this.


and there are other lots of factors which we need to take into consideration before buying a smartphone like the audio quality of the phone fast charging feature, USB port 

if you want a phone for heavy tasks like gaming and all then choose phone who has a high processor and great display and high mAh battery.

if you want a phone for daily usage like capturing photos, watching youtube, then go with the phone which camera quality is good and the battery is good.

Thank You!